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My name is Allison Jenkins, and I am a licensed practical nurse with over 15 years of customer service experience. I am also a NASM Certified Nutrition Coach with an online wellness program catered to women in healthcare and entrepreneurship who are overwhelmed and have dealt with emotional turmoil. My mission is to empower women to experience total healing and wholeness from the inside out. I am also an entrepreneur and CEO of the online brand Royal Luxury Hats and Accessories!

 When I started my health and wellness journey, I hired a trainer and worked out 4-5 days a week, but I wasn’t dropping weight consistently because my relationship with food was Terrible! I was emotionally eating, yo yo dieting, restricting food , doing tea diets you name it . I felt that I had to listen to diet culture to lose weight . I was always tired , had low energy, and looked at the scale all the time which just made me feel more defeated.

It wasn’t until I realized that listening to diet culture was setting me up for failure that I educated myself on the science of nutrition and psychology of food which helped me reach my overall wellness goals.

I learned how to incorporate food in my diet that I loved to eat , had an open mind to try new food alternatives, and listened to my body after eating and did more or less of ingesting certain foods.

I became realistic with my food choices and still ate things I loved but chose options with less sugar or fat but still enjoyed and catered to my cravings. Now I eat what I want and train hard in the gym with getting maximum results and sustaining great energy.















Let me give you a testimony of how I battled with self-love! When I say that I mean I put myself in situations that could have brought harm or death to me. A few years ago I was living in a space of being care free. I was getting drunk all the time, hanging out with seasonal people just to have temporary satisfaction, going from relationship to relationship just to fill the voids from the emotional pain and mental battles that I faced in the past and never healed from.

Sweeping things under the rug and not dealing with them sets you up BIG TIME!


It got to the point where one night I got really intoxicated and really reckless and crashed my truck into a tree going home and ended going to jail and was charged with a DUI.


When I tell you that RAW prayer to God came out.. I held back nothing and told Him I f***** up!!!! I said God look, whatever I’m hurting from please heal it and If he got me through this situation gracefully I would forever be at His feet. 


I made the decision that night to stop drinking and have been sober since late of February 2019. My shift in my restoration came quick. I got the counseling and treatment that I needed and put in some WORK. I had already been working out but I pushed myself to become the beast in the gym that I am today. I cleaned up my diet and became mindful of my emotional overeating and got really strategic on what to put in my body to lose the weight that I desired and become comfortable in my own skin.


With macro/micro nutrient knowledge, water, sleep, working out, and being consistent I dropped over 30lbs.


I was self sabotaging myself for years but not anymore baby! I’m more mindful of what I nourish myself with, what I feed my mind and spirit, and who I spend my time with. I embraced the journey of wellness and fusing into it allowed me to learn how to love myself more.

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